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Lucky 13 for ‘13

Oh, what a difference a few years make.  In late 2008, many auto pundits lamented that we might never again see sixteen million annual new vehicle sales.  Proving that their memories are as faulty as their predictions, in 2012 they told us that, just like they always expected, sixteen million annual sales are on the […]

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FTC Looking at Safeguards Compliance

by Michael Charapp On June 7, 2012, the FTC announced that it had agreed on terms of a consent order with a Georgia Toyota dealer stemming from the dealer’s failure to maintain adequate control of its customer information as required by the FTC Safeguards Rule.  The FTC charged that the dealer had violated its Safeguards […]

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Make the Case Against Flat Fees

Have you wondered why industry publications are writing with increasing frequency about the expected demise of finance “markup”?  The answer is simple – proponents of flat fees are working to sell the concept that “markups” are evil to regulators like the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission with the hope that […]

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FTC to Dealers: “Pay Us a Penalty No Matter How Much You Owe”

You’ve seen (and maybe even used) ads claiming that a dealer will pay off customers’ trades no matter how much they owe. The Federal Trade Commission has announced consent agreements with five auto dealers who ran variations of those ads.  The FTC charged that they deceived consumers into thinking they would no longer be responsible […]

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