EPA Fuel Economy Guides

Federal law requires every new vehicle dealer to prominently display, at each location where new automobiles are offered for sale, copies of the annual Federal Fuel Economy Guide. Dealers must have available the booklet applicable to each model year motor vehicle offered for sale at the dealer location. The Guide may be made available either in hard copy or electronically via an on-site computer available for consumers to view and print as desired. If provided by hard copy, the booklets must be provided without charge and in sufficient quantity to be available for retention by each consumer on request. If provided by on-site computer, the dealer must post a notice of where the consumer can electronically access the Guide. The notice must include a link to the official Web site where the electronic version of the Guide is found (www.fueleconomy.gov). The booklet or the notice must be displayed in the same manner and in each location used to display brochures describing the automobiles offered for sale by the dealer.

The guides can be dowloaded by clicking the links below:

2013 EPA Fuel Economy Guide

2012 EPA Fuel Economy Guide

2011 EPA Fuel Economy Guide

2010 EPA Fuel Economy Guide

2009 EPA Fuel Economy Guide